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The Essence
of Zermatt

Experience what it is that makes Zermatt so exceptional – in its very essence. The atmosphere of a traditional chalet coupled with the appeal of contemporary design. Real and authentic produce tastefully prepared. Selected wines. And a bar just made for the first and last drink of the evening. Where is Zermatt, if not here?

At its heart

As one of the oldest buildings in Zermatt, the 1818 is part of the original village centre, standing wall to wall with the legendary Hotel Monte Rosa. The rough stone of the entranceway, the concealed terrace, the view of the Matterhorn – where all these elements come together is where the hidden heart of Zermatt beats.

Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Aussen Dämmerung 07
1818 Grill Restaurant Zermatt 1818 Terrasse 09

A genuine work of design

The 1818 restaurant – a historic chalet with the rustic charm of a typical Walser house? It is so much more. The Valais artist, architect and interior designer Heinz Julen has brought a contemporary twist to the traditional elements without taking away any of their authentic character. The old wood is now met with leather and metal. Modern décor adorns the walls, instruments nestle in the chandelier. Soft contours and clear lines, warmth and coolness, tradition and fashion. The 1818 restaurant is a perfect fusion of all these elements.

1818 Grill Restaurant Zermatt Heinz Julen